Species by Order: Decapoda

Natural History
Blepharipoda occidentalis

Commonly called the spiny sand crab.  

Emerita analoga

Commonly called the sand crab or mole crab. Adults are use in neurological studies because the crab's tail has the largest sensory neurons found in any animal.

Lepidopa myops

Commonly known as another member belonging to the family of burrowing sand crabs.

Panulirus interruptus

Commonly call the California spiny lobster.  The California spiny lobster is fished commercially and recreationally.

Pleuroncodes planipes

Normal geographical range is off Baja California.  During warming events, especially stronger El Nińo’s, they can be abundant off Southern California to Central California. They occur in vast pelagic swarms and can be found washed up on local beaches in large numbers.

Sergestes similis

A common midwater shrimp.