Aurelia spp.

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Many cryptic species, but the genus Aurelia is found circumglobally.
Found often in bays and other nearshore coastal areas.
300-500 mm bell diameter, as adults.
Primarily small crustaceans, but also eat fish eggs, various invertebrate larvae, and other gelatinous organisms.
Sunfish, sea turtles, other jellies such as Phacellophora camtschatica and Aequorea.
Useful Facts or Characters: 

Generally clear to milky white, but may have tinges of purple or pink.  Four horseshoe-shaped gastric pouches easily visible. Many short, fine tentacles.

Natural History: 

Blooms in most years, generally during late winter and spring (February through May).  Sting is generally not painful.  Polyp stage commonly found as part of benthic fouling communities.  Females brood larvae on oral arms.