Species by Order: Mysidacea

Natural History
Archaeomysis grebnitzkii

Has been caught in surface waters at night off SIO Pier and can be found in the breaker zone.

Heteromysis odontops

Can be common in kelp holdfasts off La Jolla, California.

Holmesiella anomala
Holmesimysis costata

This species is closely related to Holmesimysis sculpta.  It has been used as a indicator of water quality.

Holmesimysis sculpta

This species can be extremely abundant in kelp beds off La Jolla; they have a strong tendency to aggregate.  Color varies from brownish to almost black.

Metamysidopsis elongata

Off San Diego it occurs from shoreward of the breaker zone out to about 18 meters depth. At times it is the most abundant mysid in this area, usually swimming in dense schools. It migrates to the surface at night.

Mysidopsis californica

Usually found in waters above extensive areas of fine sand.

Siriella pacifica

Remains near the sea floor by day and moves to open waters at night.