Species by Order: Euphausiacea

Natural History
Euphausia eximia

More abundant in this area during warmer years. Two forms of this species have been reported based on distinct larval morphology: a northern form, above the equator and a southern form, below the equator.

Euphausia gibboides

One of the largest epipelagic species of euphausiids in this area and generally more abundant offshore in the California Current.

Euphausia pacifica

Euphausia pacifica can form large aggregations. It is commercially fished in the Sea of Japan and in Canadian waters near Vancouver Island.

Euphausia recurva

Usually more abundant offshore in the California Current.

Nematoscelis difficilis

Large beach strandings have been reported off Baja California, Mexico.

Nyctiphanes simplex

Large surface aggregations have been observed in the Gulf of California.

Stylocheiron longicorne

There are different forms of this species, associated with separate geographical distributions.

Thysanoessa gregaria

This species has not been found in the Gulf of California.

Thysanoessa spinifera

Aggregations have been observed off San Diego, the Channel Islands, Monterey, San Francisco (Gulf of the Farallones), Tomales Bay, and Oregon.